"The plant exhaled pesticide dust like a vacuum cleaner with a full bag. The fan sucked poisonous dust and fumes from the factory, sending them into the neighborhood." Slow Death Slower Justice - The Observer

ANOTHER VICTIM DIES: Another Friend and Victim Simon Sandoval Leaves Us Too Soon

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We were saddened to learn that one of dear friends whom we came to very much love during our American Orange journey, Simon Sandoval has passed away. Simon, along with his family grew up one block from the Helena Chemical Plant where his father worked as a trucker for many years.  Simon shared memories of playing among piles of “white powder” along the perimeter of the unfenced plant when he was a child.  Simon struggled with health problems all his life – being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, and later struggling with the neurological effects of a brain tumor.  Simon suffered from multiple unexplained lesions on his face and body before he passed away from a sudden heart attack at the young age of 51.  We will miss Sammy dearly, and we wish his family peace as they face this tragic loss.  Click here to view the obituary.

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