"The plant exhaled pesticide dust like a vacuum cleaner with a full bag. The fan sucked poisonous dust and fumes from the factory, sending them into the neighborhood." Slow Death Slower Justice - The Observer

PRODUCERS SUMMONED FOR DEPOSITION: Several Producers are Served with a Subpoena Duces Decum

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Now that the case is finally set for trial, the chemical companies are pulling out all the stops to get a hold of all the information they possibly can.  The registered agent for the Production Company (Alma Libre Films) owned by Producer/Director Laura Perez, as well as one of the producers individually, were served with a subpoena “duces tecum” asking that they produce certain company documents and records.  Although we consider ourselves law-abiding citizens, the entities that the defendants served were not the actual owners of any documents pertaining to the documentary.  We don’t desire to a part of any litigation.  The only thing we desire is that the entities involved or responsible for harming the residents of this community be held liable for the irreparable damage they have caused.  We have heard rumors that the parties may ultimately settle out of court.  Whatever the case may be, we truly hope that the victims receive the compensation and restitution they deserve.


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